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Göreme’s pigeon houses (dovecotes) being invigorated

Göreme’s pigeon houses (dovecotes) being invigorated

Pigeon houses that lost functions due to widespread use of chemical fertilizers will be revitalized. Göreme Kültür ve Tabiat Varlıklarını Koruma Derneği (Göreme Association for Conservation of Cultural and Natural Assets) initiated a project in March 2010 to revitalize the pigeon houses in Göreme. For this reason, the association completed cleaning and repairment of 100 pigeon houses, and brings wild pigeons from Konya Ereğli, Mersin and Yozgat, and places them these cotes. The output fertilizer will be used in vineyards and gardens.

Mr. Ali Yavuz, board member of the association, whom we’ve talked on the subject, stated that they are planning to bring three to four thousands of more pigeons that fruits and vegetables grown by pigeon manure will target tourist hosting facilities. He further said “Natural agriculture is getting a more organic part of tourism. The number of touristic facilities willing to serve natural products to guests has been increased.”
The value of pigeon manure in agriculture comes from its composite structure of %25 organic substances, % 2 nitrogen, and % 1 phosphoric acid.

For more detailed information on Cappadocia’s pigeon houses:

Reading Reading: 17414 Eklenme Tarihi Date: 2010-05-06

  •   Museum Hotel Gourmet Activities at Lil’a Restaurant

  •   2nd Cross Golf Tournament was held in Cappadocia

  •   9th International Cappadocia Mountain Bike Festival was held

  •   Soner Arıca Concert in CCR Hotels

  •   “Classical Delight” in Cappadocia

  •   Meaningful Award to Private Cappadocia Culture Museum

  •   10th issue of Peribacası Magazine has published

  •   Rock Engraved Culture Center in Avanos

  •   Peribacası Magazine distributed books free of charge in EMITT Fair

  •   Bicycle Village Project from Argeus

  •   Cappadocia Jazz Days-2011 will begin 30th of November

  •   Cappadocia will be promoted at Travel Turkey İzmir Fair

  •   Cappadocian Awareness Seminar for CVTS students

  •   Peribacası Magazine was the guest of Channel B

  •   Göreme’s pigeon houses (dovecotes) being invigorated

  •   Argos in Cappadocia Receives Distinguished Honors Throughout 2011

  •   Young European Students in the Cappadocia Art and History Museum

  •   13th issue of Peribacası Cappadocia Magazine has published

  •   The 3rd Int. Güzelyurt/Ihlara Summer Fine Arts Academy has 6 workshops

  •   Wine tastings by Vinotolia

  •   The congress calendar of Cappadocia getting intensified

  •   Culture and Arts Days by Avanos Municipality

  •   12th issue of the Peribacası Magazine about published in May 2010

  •   12th issue of Peribacası Magazine has published

  •   From 17 country, 28 artist are participating to the Cappadocia Art Camp

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