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Writer: Osman Yüksel
August 2004

Everything started with “Kazağın Hüseyin” (Kazağın is a family nickname) who brought 10 strawberries from Netherlands 20 years ago. People of borough of Göre have known the name of this plant but they had not known what does it look like.
Kazağın Hüseyin planted seedlings, which he brought, to one part of his garden. This plant does not stand in its place, expands, it gives root to part of land which it sees so, it makes new seedling in there. After 2 years Hüseyin started to give seedlings as a present to everyone that he sees. People who took these seedlings also started to do same thing. When strawberry first came from Göre to Avanos 5 years had not pass from the travel of strawberry from Netherlands to Göre. Osman Nuri Gencer, who is the retired superintendent of police in Avanos, and his wife Hatice Gencer protected this plant which is the naughty child of plant world. Care of it was easy. Efficiency of it was too much. Because of this everyone, everywhere had wanted it.
But it liked Göre. It settled down there. Me and my friend of childhood Ali Kahraman (Barut Ali) whom we were doing common agriculture of potato, started to agriculture of strawberry in small part of our common arable field in Oylu.
It was unbelievable! Give water and do not interfere with other things. It goes to everywhere that it can go, it starts a new life in every point that it can reach. We understood what was the efficiency of strawberry and how must it be when water is cut off in Oylu and we had to go to Kalaycık. The soil of Kalaycık (Pomza Hışır) rised strawberry. I explained Ali that potato had completed its appointed time and it can not be find place where is more suitable from here to do agriculture of strawberry. Like all of the people of neighborhood Ali also passed over it. He passed over it for 15 years. In one time potato tainted. It became suberized. It was weak because of giving too much fertilizer.
If it is not given too much fertilizer efficiency was decreasing. Fertilizer had caused harm to soil. The most bad thing was that potato was worthing nothing. In July 1, 2004 potato of 2003 was waiting a buyer from 30 thousand lira. In big cities it was not selling less than 500 thousand lira. The most positive side of these negative things was the beginning of Barut Ali, that we could not convinced him for 15 years, to agriculture of strawberry. Nowadays, in Friday bazaars of Avanos Barut Ali’s strawberries are sold.
It writes “Strawberry from Cappadocia” on the etiquette of it. The most important feature of this strawberry is that it appears in June and it continues to give product until snow comes up to it. Strawberries are sold in high prices in the months of July, August, September and October in different neighborhoods because it is unfruitful in there.
Nowadays, it writes in newspapers of Nevşehir that alternative agriculture on strawberry is started in Göre and different parts of the region by the initiatives of Wakf of Social Help and Solidarity.
This year I am trying cucumber. Next year I will raise broccoli. I tried both of them in my farm in Avanos. Result was very good. I know that it will be better in Göre. After two years newspapers will write that Agriculture Administrative Province Administration improved a new kind in the production of alternative product, which is broccoli. I will write about “Broccoli from Cappadocia”.

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